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Al-Safir Agency offers a wide range of Insurance products to protect you from the "what ifs" in life.

  • A.Motor Insurance

    1- Motor Obligatory (الزامي)
    An obligatory insurance legally required by the government. It covers bodily injury claims of people who get injured in an accident.
    2- Motor Vehicle Third party (ضد الغير)
    3- Motor vehicle all Risk that covers (جميع المخاطر):
    • Material damage of the self and the other party
    • Total loss theft
    • Total loss Hold up
    • Total loss Fire


    • Copy of driving license and car identification documents, full name and address, DOB and telephone number.
    • Information to mention:
    The value of the vehicle today
    The type of the vehicle
    The model of the vehicle

  • B. Fire & burglary or property Insurance

    The fire insurance covers the following:
    • Building or landlord liability (material damage/fire)
    • Content: Furniture, Decoration, Equipment
    • Neighbor recourse/optional (material damage/fire) The fire insurance also covers damages caused by:
    • Flood, storm, earthquake
    • Water damage: bursting of pipes
    • Accidental plate glass breakage


    • Value of the building
    • Value of the content
    • Nature of the area (residential or non-residential)
    • Full Address
    • Nature of the content: food, electronics, furniture, flammable / non-flammable substances

  • C. Marine / Cargo and land transit Insurance

  • D. Housemaid or Foreign Workers Insurance

    This insurance covers natural or accidental death including repartition of remains, permanent partial or total disability, and ticket fees in case of repatriation. Moreover it covers hospitalization due to accident or sickness and out-patient (Lab).


    • Passport copy in addition to the policy holder identification documents (ID)
    • Full name
    • Full address
    • DOB
    • Telephone number

  • E. Travel Insurance

    The travel insurance covers mainly the medical expenses arising out of an emergency illness or injury abroad (Hospitalization, Surgery, Medical expenses fees and pharmaceutical products prescribed by the attending doctor). Cover will be on direct settlement basis through appointed hospitals worldwide. This policy is required from all embassies especially for Schengen Visa.


    • Copy of passport
    • Date of travel
    • Destination
    • Full name
    • Full Address
    • Full date of birth and telephone number

  • F. Personal Accident

    This insurance covers death due to accident, permanent total disability due to accident, permanent partial disability due to accident.

  • G. Medical Insurance

    This insurance covers individuals and their families against unforeseen expenses arising from illness, injury or accidents. Many individuals purchase auto insurance to protect their vehicle, others purchase homeowners insurance to protect their property. Medical insurance is just another type of protection that is always a smart investment.


    Individual Medical Insurance:
    • Medical application
    • Valid ID
    Group Medical Insurance:
    • List of staff and DOB
    • Trade license of company
    • Medical application
    • If the group has previous insurance, copy of previous insurance policy is required.

  • H. Life insurance

    Plan that covers death due to either sickness or accident, permanent and total disability, and passive war risk.


    When the beneficiary is one of the family member:
    • Application
    • Valid ID
    Life insurance where the bank is the Beneficiary:
    • Name of the bank
    • Amount of Loan
    • Duration of the Loan
    • DOB

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