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We are experts in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people across a wide range of specialized industries and professions. We are authorized by Saudian Arabian embassy in Beirut ( Lebanon ). We operate across the Gulf and KSA, connecting our candidates with the right position. Furthermore, we are a leading visa processing agency, providing a complete array of expediting services for both individual and group travel, including tourist and business visas, attestation & authorization for all types of documents, and tickets for the KSA and the entire Gulf.

We are proud of our clients, and we crave to make our clients proud. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Therefore, we make sure that the product we deliver is not just a complete high quality product, but also a solution that can assure return on investment for our clients and ourselves.



Devoted to both clients and candidates, our team is well experienced in all aspects of recruitment, service delivery, outsourcing, and travel consulting.

“Your life paths start with us.”

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

There are at least 10 good reasons to travel with us.

When you're taking the holiday of a lifetime you need to choose an established, bonded tour operator you can trust. We are proud to offer excellent quality and value for money in our tours, which give you the chance to experience your chosen destination in an authentic and exciting way.

About Us

 At AlSafir Agency, we take care of all your traveling needs, whether it's for recruitment, business or pleasure in the Gulf and Lebanon. We take care of your visa processing, travel insurance, attestation of certificates and documents and more.

Al-Safir Agency is authorized from the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Beirut.




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